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  What is a clinical trial?     

According to the World Health Organisation, a clinical trial is any research project that prospectively assigns human participants or groups to one or more health-related interventions to evaluate the effects on health outcomes.

Clinical trials are used to test new forms of therapy and evaluate potential treatments that have had some positive effect against disease. They may test new treatments, including new drugs, surgical procedures, medical devices (such as pacemakers or stents) radiation therapy, or novel approaches to treatment, such as gene therapy.

Carefully conducted clinical trials are the fastest, safest and most reliable way to find treatments that work in people to improve health.

Clinical trials:

  • are necessary to advance medical science and make new therapies available to both doctors and patients;
  • are essential to ensure innovation in medical treatment and optimal standards of medical practice for all Queenslanders;
  • improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease for patients;
  • form one of the most important means of improving the survival and quality of life;
  • provide access to the best and most appropriate cures and therapies available worldwide.

QCTN's mission is to be instrumental in developing Queensland's capabilities to support the clinical development of new therapies and will facilitate:

  • the undertaking of clinical trials and related services in Queensland, Australia, in an environment that stimulates clinical trial professionalism and co-operation;
  • adherence to national and international ethical, quality and regulatory standards;
  • public awareness of clinical trials
  • attraction of national and international interest to Queensland.

QCTN is an industry association and it does not conduct clinical trials itself, but its members do.

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